How to participate in weekly Test?

Weekly Test is organized on every Sunday at 8:30 pm .So it is advisable that you Login to your account before 8:15pm.Note that weekly test will start automatically at a scheduled time of 8:30 pm and will also end automatically at a scheduled time.If, you join the test after 8:30, you will not be provided any extra time. Your test will end automatically at the scheduled time. To participate in weekly test ,follow the steps:

1. Register on .If you are already registered,ignore the above step 1.
2. Login to your account and click on ‘Take Test’ ,and then select weekly test.

Note : If many participant have same score,then ‘phone test’ is organized.In this test .In this test, all the students who has the same score has to answer live when the representatives will call them on phone number provided during registeration.Odigos representatives will try their best .Odigos Educationals will try their best to call the participant but if call failed due to technical reasons,then odigos educational will not be responsible and zero marks will be awarded in ‘Phone Test’.And the score of this test will be used as tie breaker and it will decide the rank.